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 The Peer Counselors will be hosting the "Healthy Body, Healthy Mind" event during midterm exam
 week from 1/17-1/24 before the first exam and during the break in between exams.
 Activities will be located in the lobby and include a visit from the therapy dogs,
a guided mindfulness session in the Collaborative Classroom, music in the lobby, among others!
 All are welcome to participate!
Peer Counselor's midterm tips for all students:

Midterm Tip # 10: With mid-terms approaching, remember to speak to your teachers to check for their availability
if you are planning to seek after-school extra help or stay after for any mid-term study sessions.

Midterm Tip # 9: Gather and organize all of your papers, worksheets, notes, old quizzes, tests, etc.
from your classes. Typically midterms cover the entire year to date so work from September and October is important.

Midterm Tip # 8: When you have midterms back to back all in one week,
 it's a good idea to space out your study time.
Don't leave one weekend to study for three midterms the following week!
 Time management will be extremely important. Plan, plan, plan! 

Midterm Tip # 7: Seek out effective study tools. Whether it's using flashcards,
 re-reading passages in a text, studying in a quiet space or being active
while studying all students have their own way of preparing for exams. Make sure you know what works for you!

Midterm Tip # 6: Schedule in study breaks.
Don't plan to study non-stop during mid-term exam week.
You'll be too stressed and fried to do well on the exams.
Be sure to include short study breaks to help you recharge.
You'll feel so much better and will be able to concentrate much more.
Some suggestion include going for a walk, watching a TV show, or having a snack.

Midterm Tip # 5: Schedule in sleep. You'll do much better during exams if your mental state is good,
and sleep is essential for this.

Midterm Tip # 4: Make sure you eat a nutritious breakfast.
 You'll feel way more energized and confident and this will help keep you focused during your exams. 

...more tips to follow.....
Midterm Tip # 3: Be sure to read the exam instructions. This may seem obvious, but it's easy to not read carefully and lose points on an exam. Sometimes you have the option to pick two from four essay topics. If you make the mistake of not reading carefully, you could do the wrong topic, or all – which is time consuming not to mention stressful.

Midterm Tip # 2: Keep things in perspective. Excessive stress will hurt your performance on tests, so as much as you can, relax!! 

Lastly, Midterm Tip # 1: Tomorrow is the start of midterm exams! Tell yourself you know the material because you've been going to class, taking notes, and studying. Take a deep breath and conquer whatever the exam throws at you! You've got this!


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